How to deal with deactivation and reinstate?

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I need specific solution steps

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Sum up the solution as follows:

▪️Access the Amazon Seller's background: Log in to the seller's background to find the warehouse where the suspended item is located.

▪️Find Suspended items: Find suspended items in Inventory or Inventory Management and use the search function to find them quickly.

▪️View product status: Go to the product details page, view the status of the product, and find options such as "Re-list" or "Edit".

▪️Click to re-list or Edit: In the product details page, click the appropriate option to start the re-listing process.

▪️Modify product information as required: Modify product information as required by Amazon to ensure that all information is accurate, complete and in accordance with policies.

▪️Submit a re-listing request: After modifying the product information, submit a re-listing request, which will be reviewed by the Amazon system.

▪️Wait for review results: Wait for Amazon's review results, usually between hours and days.

▪️Notice and email: Amazon will notify the seller of the audit result through notice and email, and pay attention to it in time.

▪️Check item status: If approved, the item will be re-listed, and the seller will check the item status to ensure normal display and sale.

▪️Check the product list: Make sure that the re-listed item is already in the list and can be sold normally.