What's a good title for a sunglass on Amazon?

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My main business is to sell sunglasses, want to know what kind of title is appropriate, can give me a example

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We can analyze the following primary keywords (case-insensitive in the title): sports sunglasses, polarized sunglasses, sunglasses for men, cycling sunglasses, driving sunglasses, fishing sunglasses.

We can identify the following main keywords: sports sunglasses, polarized sunglasses, sunglasses for men, sunglasses for women.

We can see that the price difference between the two products is less than $10, which is relatively low. However, if its review count increases, for example, reaching 200 or 250, and can maintain a rating above 4.3, then it can gradually increase the price, "encroaching" on the market of higher-tier products.

As for the search terms within the product detail page, the method of adding them is similar. Initially, we only write "sport sunglasses" for the new product. Once the sales volume and weight reach a certain level and the keyword ranking is in the top 3 pages, we add a new keyword "polarized." When the desired goal is achieved, we continue adding, making it: "sport sunglasses polarized for men women." Remember not to repeat keywords, because under the latest rules, the previous five lines of keywords have been merged into one line, and you cannot repeat words or include competitor brand terms or directly input competitor ASINs.