How can Sellers quickly delete Amazon Bad Feedback?

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Can I delete it? How does it work?

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Feedback check the path, open the product link, there is a sold by XXX in the right column, click on it, you can see the feedback left by the customer, most of the feedback content left by the customer is about the quality of the product, rather than service and logistics, which can request Amazon to delete, delete the path is, Amazon background menu bar - performance - feedback manager, you will see the bad feedback, click on the right to choose to request deletion, and then click yes, Amazon will immediately delete feedback, we can see the feedback star changes. It should be noted that feedback can only request deletion within 60 days, over the period will be retained for a year, bad reviews will not only affect the overall performance of the account will also affect the security of the account, so to deal with in a timely manner, most of the other can be deleted, if it can not be deleted, you can publicly release the seller's reply, guide consumers, Reduce the impact of bad reviews on customer decisions.