During Amazon Prime Day, in what ways can I optimize my advertising?

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Specifically, do I need to constantly monitor my ad performance?

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During the promotion, you can run waterfall ads with broad, category, and major keywords, adjusting strategies to increase and decrease bids. Use lower bids to capture more traffic and set up different ad campaigns. Additionally, consider adding broad match keyword groups to reach diverse traffic terms.

Avoid Blind Bidding, Dynamically Adjust Budgets
Depending on the average order value (AOV), the conversion rate will have an upper limit. Refer to last year's Prime Day data for bids and conversion rates. Calculate using the formula Acos = CPC / CR / AOV. If increasing the bid doesn’t yield a favorable return, it’s not worth it.

Initially, set a controlled budget ($5-$10) and observe the first wave of traffic. If the budget depletes quickly, it indicates rising traffic, and you can gradually increase the budget (according to the CPA proportion). Monitor the spending rate of your budget. For instance, if a $20 keyword budget depletes in 10 minutes while another $20 budget keyword lasts 30 minutes, lower the bid on the first keyword to extend the budget duration without significantly affecting conversions.

Analyze Ad Data to Determine Optimization Directions.

Consider the conversion path of your entire page and traffic flow. Identify where the issue lies—exposure, clicks, or conversions. If overall exposure during the promotion is similar to normal times, increase your ad spend, adjust bid strategies, and optimize keyword targeting. If click accumulation is slow, focus on improving your main image quality, promotional discounts, ad placements, and brand ad optimization. If the problem lies in conversion, investigate other influencing factors.