What is Amazon inventory score?

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Notice that Amazon inventory score increased from 400 to 500

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In general, the inventory score of Amazon sellers is usually calculated once a week and updated regularly every Monday. At present, according to the assessment requirements of Amazon inventory performance indicators, the minimum score has been raised from 400 points to 500 points, that is to say, if the inventory score of cross-border sellers fails to reach 500 points, they will face FBA inventory restrictions, further affecting product sales.

Therefore, it is recommended that cross-border sellers should check the store inventory score in time according to the store operation and sales status and FBA warehouse inventory. At the same time, cross-border sellers can also increase profits by reducing redundant inventory; Increase sell-out and sales rates; Timely repair of lingering listings to ensure merchantable goods; To ensure that hot products are in stock and increase sales, the store's inventory score is constantly optimized to meet the relevant inventory assessment indicators of Amazon platform.