What is stranded inventory in Amazon Seller Central?

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And what causes my inventory to become stranded?

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1.Here is Amazon’s definition of stranded inventory.

Stranded inventory is FBA inventory in fulfillment centers that does not have an associated active offer and thus is not available for sale on Amazon. When inventory is stranded, it requires either reactivating the listing or removing inventory.

2.What causes my inventory to become stranded?

There are many causes, but here are the eight reasons I most often and their solution.

1)Deleted listing or Listing closed:
This listing has been deleted. To activate an offer, select Create a new listing.

2)Expired product:
This product is past the printed expiration date, and cannot be sold. Create a removal order for this inventory.

3)Inventory error or Listing error:
The inventory may be under review in a fulfillment center or you may need to refresh your listing.

4)Merchant fulfilled:
Your inventory is not available for sale because the fulfillment channel is set to Merchant. To activate the listing, click Change to FBA.

5)Product safety investigation:
This item has been suppressed due to an ongoing safety investigation. In order to relist your product, contact the manufacturer or brand owner for applicable product safety testing and compliance documents.
(Please note that submission of documentation does not guarantee the product will be reinstated. For more information, see Product Safety & Compliance. If you are the brand owner, then check your performance notifications our account health page and look for the affected ASIN and submit the documentation directly.)

6)Restricted ASIN:
This restricted ASIN is not available for sale. This may be due to intellectual property infringement, product quality issues, or safety concerns. For details about this ASIN, check your email or your Performance Notifications on Seller Central. You may file an appeal or Create a removal order for this inventory.