What to get ready for amazon peak season?

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And how far in advance you need to start laying out

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We from the selection, logistics, operation, advertising four aspects to elaborate

1.Choose the product

Combing and selecting ASIN, combined with business purposes to determine the peak season to promote ASIN, optimize pricing.

Advance time: 2 months in advance


Ensure that the peak season goods are stored before the peak season, and ensure that sufficient supply is reserved for the peak season.

Advance time: 2 months in advance


Optimize the Listing quality of the main promotion ASIN, and report the promotional discounts of the main promotion ASIN, etc.

Advance time: 1-2 months in advance


Develop an advertising plan for ASIN in the peak season according to the business purpose, including budget, keywords, bidding, etc.

Advance time: 1-1.5 months in advance