What is the Amazon main image requirements? size format and pixel specifications?

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Since operating my Amazon store, I've noticed that subpar main images have affected the click-through and conversion rates of my products. I'd like to understand the specific requirements for main images.

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Generally speaking, there are two requirements

1.Requirements for Size Format:
Firstly, Amazon requires main images to be square to ensure consistent display on both listing and detail pages. If the main image is not square, the system will automatically crop it into a square.
Amazon also mandates that main images must be free of borders and watermarks. This ensures uniform display of all products on listing and detail pages, avoiding any impact on user experience due to borders or watermarks on the main image.

Lastly, Amazon requires main images to have a pure white background. This ensures differentiation between products on listing and detail pages, preventing any discrepancy in background color from affecting the user experience.

2.Requirements for Pixels:
In addition to size format requirements, Amazon also has specific pixel requirements for main images. To ensure optimal display across various devices, Amazon recommends using high-resolution main images.
Generally, Amazon requires main images to have pixels above 1000 x 1000. This ensures clear visibility on listing and detail pages, avoiding blurriness or distortion due to low pixel count.

Furthermore, Amazon advises using uncompressed image formats such as .jpg or .png. This is because compressed images may result in decreased image quality, impacting user experience.

In summary, Amazon has strict requirements for the size format and pixels of main images. Sellers must strictly adhere to these requirements when creating and uploading main images to ensure optimal display and click-through rates for their products on the platform.