How do sellers rank their sales on Amazon?

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Measure how well my product is performing relative to the competition

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1.Through the search bar: Sellers can directly input product keywords in Amazon's search bar to check the product's sales ranking. A higher ranking indicates higher sales volume for the product.

2.Logging into the Amazon platform: Sellers can log in to the official Amazon platform, select the product they wish to view, and click to access the product details page. On the product details page, they can find the "Amazon Best Sellers Rank," displaying the seller's sales ranking within the product's category. Note: It is recommended to use a dedicated network when logging into Amazon to ensure account security.

3.Analysis tools: Sellers can utilize Amazon's sales analysis tools to query a product's sales ranking. These tools offer more detailed sales data and ranking analysis, assisting sellers in understanding the product's market share and sales performance on the Amazon platform.