How long does Amazon reserve become available for sale?

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I have reserved a large part of the inventory of goods, how long will become available for sale

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In fact, the reserved time depends on various factors, including the sales velocity of the items, inventory management strategies, and the operational status of the Amazon platform. Typically, Amazon determines when to convert reserved items into sellable status based on the seller's reserved quantity and product sales performance.

If the items sell quickly, Amazon usually promptly converts reserved items into sellable status to meet consumer demand. However, if the sales are slow or inventory continues to accumulate, Amazon may delay converting reserved items into sellable status. Additionally, Amazon adjusts the reserved time based on the seller's inventory management strategies and historical sales data.

Specifically, sellers can view detailed information about reserved items on the inventory management page in the Amazon Seller Central. On this page, sellers can see which items are reserved, the reserved quantity, and the estimated time for conversion to sellable status.