Is brand filing necessary?

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What is the role of brand filing? Is it possible not to file?

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In general, the role of brand filing is as follows:

  1. Protect independent brands
    Prevent others from using listing to add self-links to increase exposure and traffic. If the seller makes a brand record, it can prevent the listing from being tampered with
  2. Save upc
    If you upload all products after applying for a brand, you can upload them directly in the background without the need for upc, which is also an additional small benefit after filing
  3. Have more control over your product
    When listing is sold by a lot of people and buybox is low, others have the right to edit the product. You can change links and product information, such as adding sublinks, image changes, and logo ps
  4. Apply for product lock to prevent product data from being changed
    When the brand is still sold after filing, send the case directly to Amazon: Because the store seller has its own special brand, no one can change it. Amazon is required to lock down the permission to change the link and make it available only to sellers.

However, whether to carry out brand filing still needs to be comprehensively considered by the seller according to its own situation