What are the components of an Amazon listing page?

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What aspects should I start from to optimize listing

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Listing page 8 basic elements as follows:

1.Browse Node

Make it easier for consumers to find your products on the Amazon website;

2.Search Term

Words that explain the product, used by consumers searching for the product, will not be displayed in the front desk;

3.Product Image

Each product should be equipped with one or more product pictures, including the main picture and the accompanying picture;


It is the most intuitive and clear part of conveying product brand, model and performance information;

5.Bullet Point

Convey important product functions, highlighting important or special information about the product;

6.Product Description

Is a more in-depth text description of the product;

7.A+/ Premium A+ (Product graphic details)

Through the combination of pictures and text to improve the product publicity effect;

8.Other elements

Prices (commodity prices, promotional prices, coupons); Shopping cart (whether out of stock/out of stock); Distribution mode; Star reviews; Advertising (defensive advertising, competitive advertising, etc.)

Sellers can focus on these listed aspects to optimize listing page.