What are the possible reasons why my Amazon product ASIN is not working?

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After uploading the product, the prompt is "invalid Asin", I would like to ask why

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In general, there are several reasons for the occurrence of invalid ASIN in Amazon operations:

  1. Brand name problem
    Amazon requires sellers to use the A+ page and must have a brand and platform for brand filing in order to list.

  2. Product problems
    Adding a child product to a parent product that is not a true variant changes the parent product's detail page, causing it to not match the child product. Existing parent products are not multiple variants created by the creator, which would also render ASIN invalid.

  3. Product infringement
    If backstage display can be sold. If the foreground page of the product disappears, ASIN is invalid. This could be intellectual property infringement, product quality issues or product safety risks. The Amazon platform restricts this asin