Amazon store arrears will affect the credit?

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My store may face a debt problem, I would like to ask if it will affect my personal credit history

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Yes, Amazon store arrears are likely to have an impact on credit. Amazon pays great attention to the credit status of sellers. If the store is in arrears, Amazon may take a series of measures to protect the interests of the platform and the rights and interests of buyers.

First, Amazon may restrict the sales rights of sellers who do not pay their bills, or even suspend their store operations. This will directly affect the seller's business and revenue.

Second, Amazon may report delinquency records to credit bureaus, which could affect a seller's personal or business credit history. This will adversely affect the seller's future loan applications, credit card applications, etc.

Therefore, in order to avoid the impact of unpaid fees on credit, sellers should ensure timely payment of various Amazon store fees, including monthly rental fees, sales commissions, etc. At the same time, sellers should also regularly check their account balances and transaction records to ensure that there are no missed or incorrect fees.