What are the reasons for the slow arrival of Amazon goods?

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Recently, my goods are very slow to enter the warehouse. I wonder what caused it

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1.Shipping Issues:
During peak seasons, a large volume of cargo and shipping capacity remains stranded in the United States, and booking a suitable cabin takes a lot of time. Sellers are likely to encounter "booking difficulties," affecting delivery schedules. Additionally, sudden blockages in shipping routes can prolong transit times. For example, the Suez Canal incident led to severe congestion in shipping routes due to unexpected circumstances. Many vessels may change routes or slow down, causing delays in warehousing goods.

2.Customs Clearance Issues:
During customs clearance, if the destination country's customs authorities believe that the declared value does not match the actual value of the goods (either overvalued or undervalued), a re-declaration is required, resulting in slow clearance.

3.Last-mile Delivery Issues:
Sellers often report that drivers of container transport at the last-mile terminals stop working, leading to temporary closures of terminals, significantly affecting truck pickup and delivery.

4.Labeling Issues:
When temperatures are too high, thermal paper labels fade, making them unreadable by warehouse scanners. (To prevent labels from being damaged during transportation, it is recommended that sellers choose labels printed with carbon ribbon.)

The above are the reasons for the slow warehousing of Amazon goods.