Product refund, what fees will be incurred?

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Do I have to bear the cost of returning the item to the specified address?
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In the Amazon return policy, the seller is required to bear a certain fee to process the return. The exact cost depends on the following:

1.Reason for return: If the return is due to the seller's error or product quality issues, the seller is usually responsible for the full cost, including the refund amount and return shipping costs. This is to provide consumers with a good shopping experience and satisfaction.

2.Buyer Reasons: If the return is due to the buyer's personal reasons, such as a change of mind or dislike of the product, the seller is usually only responsible for the return shipping costs. The amount of the refund will be adjusted according to the condition of the item after return.

3.Non-delivery issues: In the event that the buyer does not receive the item, the seller is responsible for a full refund and shipping costs. This is to ensure that buyers' rights are protected.

It's important to note that Amazon focuses on fairness and customer experience in its return policy. The seller should actively communicate with the buyer to resolve the return issue in order to reduce possible losses.