How to Change Frozen Amazon Barcodes?

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I discover that the barcodes are frozen when uploading products to my Amazon store, how to deal with?

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Follow these steps to change affected ASINs from manufacturer barcodes to Amazon barcodes and affix Amazon barcode labels to your inventory:

1.Create new product information for each affected ASIN and select Amazon barcode settings.

2.On the Manage Amazon Inventory page, search for the affected ASINs.

3.On the right side of the ASIN, click the dropdown menu for "Edit" and then select "Add Another Condition".

4.On the product creation page, enter a new seller SKU, fill in other necessary fields, and then click "Save and Finish". Note: Sellers can choose the same product status as existing products.

5.On the Barcode Type page, select Amazon barcode, and then click "Save and Continue".

6.On the "Convert to Amazon Fulfillment" page, fill in "Add Dangerous Goods Information" and then click "Save and Continue".

7.If the seller wishes to ship goods to Amazon immediately, proceed to create an inbound shipment plan.

8.Paste Amazon barcode labels: Print new Amazon barcodes and manually affix them to each product.