How can I optimize my automated ads?

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My automated ads are full of big keywords, how should I deal with optimization

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The words that appear in the automatic AD report are the words that have been clicked at least once among the words that the system recognizes as automatically recommended by you through listing.

If the automatic ads run out with big words, it means that the system's cognition of ASIN is not deep enough and specific, consider the following optimization:

First, optimize listing words to guide the system to have a correct understanding of your product. The core words of the product (including usage scenarios, appearance features, functional features, target customer groups, etc.) are deeply buried in different sections of listing, such as the title and five-point description of the product, and keywords are hidden in the background, because these are the objects of system retrieval.

Secondly, open the manual release of product promotion, and use phrase matching or precise matching to release the core words and long tail words of the product, so as to speed up the correction system's understanding of your product and match more long tail words.

Finally, you can judge the effectiveness of the above measures by looking at the accuracy of the keywords matched by the system (through manual AD suggestion keywords and search terms in the search term report) before making further adjustments.