How to choose a matching method for a keyword?

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Specifically, I would like to know the operation mechanism and application scenarios of broad matching, precise matching and phrase matching

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Based on your question, the answer is as follows:

The first is broad matching
The purpose is to expand exposure and expand more keywords. This method is suitable for:
▪️ accumulates a limited number of keywords, hoping to expand more new sellers with high performance keywords;
▪️ Sellers who want to broaden traffic in the peak season or some core keywords.

The second is accurate matching
The advantage is that it can effectively control the budget and get better advertising conversion, but at the same time, it will sacrifice the growth possibility brought by more exposure, so the recommended use scenario is mainly:
▪️ used to correct the system's judgment on the product (if you find that some core keywords that are strongly related to the product do not appear in the automated advertising report or recommended keywords list);
▪️ drives up a product's natural ranking under the term.

The last one is phrase matching
Which is especially suitable for the case where the key word is composed of 2 words or more. If only a single word is broadly matched, it is easy to produce ambiguity. (For example, glass is both a glass and a glass, so sun glasses is recommended.) Of course, phrase matching also applies to the goal of word extension.

The three matching methods have different purposes and operating mechanisms, and do not compete with each other. When promoting a mature product, it is recommended to open three matching methods at the same time.