What is North America Unified?

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I'm a seller of Amazon USA

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As a seller on Amazon US, once you register for the US marketplace, the North American marketplaces (US, Canada, and Mexico) are automatically activated. Although Amazon has separate FBA fulfillment centers in Canada and Mexico, allowing sellers to operate independently, geographically, the US is conveniently located between Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. This makes transportation relatively easy. Additionally, the consumer markets in certain categories in Canada and Mexico are not very large. Therefore, sellers can utilize Amazon's North America Remote Fulfillment program to expand their business across North America at a low cost. Essentially, this means selling products from the US FBA to customers in Canada and Mexico without needing to stock inventory in the target overseas warehouses. So, how does North America Remote Fulfillment work?

Step 1: In the Seller Central's "Inventory" tab, open "Remote Fulfillment with FBA" to access the North America Remote Fulfillment feature interface.

Step 2: Enter the Remote Fulfillment interface, read the detailed introduction to Remote Fulfillment, select the sites you want to join, agree to Amazon's terms of operation, and submit your registration.

Step 3: By default, "Automatically Create Listings" is enabled in step 2. You need to wait 24 hours for data review and inventory synchronization. Amazon will automatically add all ASINs that meet the fulfillment requirements to the program. Once the information is synchronized, you can also download the ASIN report to view the relevant listing information.

If sellers want to modify the products in the program, they can do so by adjusting the product information through the ASIN status report. Simply select "Enable" or "Disable" in the report and re-upload to update the ASIN status. Since cross-border sales and shipping are involved, the products must meet the customs and other policies of the destination country; otherwise, registration will not be successful.

Of course, if you no longer need the Remote Fulfillment service later, you can cancel the registration.

This is the complete process for North America Remote Fulfillment. For order management afterward, you can view everything in the "Order History Report."