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Amazon may charge a certain fee for Cash on Delivery orders. The specific amount and calculation method of the fee may vary depending on different regions and types of products. You can log in to the Amazon Seller Central to review the fee policies for relevant regions or contact Amazon's seller support team for accurate information.

When the order are rejected, seller will suffer loss at some extent, What should sellers do to reduce the loss?

1.Communication and Solutions:
First, seller can communicate with the buyer to understand the reasons for the rejection. Sometimes, buyers may reject the goods due to misunderstandings, product defects, or other issues. Through proactive communication, you can try to resolve the problem and provide appropriate solutions, such as refunds, product replacements, or other compensations.

2.Returns and Refunds:
If the buyer insists on returning the goods, you need to handle it according to Amazon's refund policy. Typically, buyers have the right to return goods and request refunds within a certain period. You need to process the refund after the buyer returns the goods based on the return policy.

3.Amazon Assistance:
If the buyer's rejection behavior involves violations of Amazon's policies or other issues, you can contact Amazon's seller support team to report the situation and seek assistance.