What is bundle sales? Why do bundle sales?

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It feels like this sales method is very common on Amazon, but I want to know its rationale.

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On the Amazon platform, sellers can combine two or more products for sale. In a bundled package, the product with more features and a higher unit price is called the main product, while the one with a lower unit price is called the accessory product or secondary product. Different products are combined into a package or gift box, with strong complementary features between the products in the package, meeting buyers' needs from multiple angles and levels. After bundling, there is a price advantage, so compared to individual products, bundled products are often more attractive. Unique bundling methods cannot be imitated by competitors, which helps to increase sales.

Sellers of the same series of cosmetics offer single items, two-piece sets, and three-piece sets for sale. Buyers can choose "single item" or purchase a deluxe "set" according to their needs. Through comparison, it is easy to see that bundled products are more comprehensive in functionality and more cost-effective in price compared to individual products, making them more attractive to buyers.