How to improve Amazon ranking?

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I want to know the factors affecting ranking

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Amazon's ranking system, known as the A9 algorithm, employs a scoring system to evaluate listings. When Amazon buyers search for keywords, the A9 algorithm filters out products relevant to the keywords, pushing them to buyers. Products with higher scores are more likely to appear in the top results of the search page. The A9 algorithm evaluates Amazon listings based on the following three dimensions:

1.Relevance to Keywords:

The A9 algorithm considers which keywords should display your listing. This depends on factors such as the listing's title and product description.

2.Product Conversion Rate:
Amazon prioritizes products over stores, and the conversion rate indicates the value proposition and quality of a product. Therefore, sellers should focus on cultivating their products and maintaining positive reviews.

3.Customer Satisfaction:
A9 algorithm assesses customer satisfaction based on Amazon buyer feedback and order defect rate. The algorithm's judgment considers the feedback and defect rate associated with orders.