What actions will Amazon take against infringing products?

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My product maybe at risk of infringement. Would you like to know what measures Amazon platform may take?

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Amazon is a platform that values intellectual property rights and has established a sound system to deal with infringement issues. According to its policies, when an intellectual property infringement allegation is made about a product, Amazon will investigate and take appropriate action. Once there is solid evidence that the product is indeed infringing, Amazon will immediately remove the product and punish the seller.

Specifically, Amazon typically takes the following steps when dealing with infringement issues.

First, brand owners need to file an intellectual property warning with Amazon to prove that they have an interest in it. These warnings usually include a detailed description of the infringing goods, valid intellectual property proof, and other relevant evidence. Amazon reviews the warnings and gets in touch with the seller. If an initial investigation finds that infringement has occurred, Amazon will send the seller a cease and desist notice.

Secondly, upon receipt of the suspension notice, the seller has the right to lodge a complaint and provide relevant evidence within the prescribed time to prove that it has not infringed intellectual property rights. Amazon will investigate again and decide whether to lift the suspension notice based on the credibility of the evidence. If the evidence is insufficient or cannot prove the legality of the product, Amazon will maintain the original processing decision.