Why does Amazon require brand registration?

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It's often emphasized that brand registration is crucial, but what aspects demonstrate its importance?

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1.Protecting Private Brands:
Prevents Others from Piggybacking: Many sellers use listings to add their own links, increasing exposure and traffic. Brand registration helps prevent tampering with listings.

2.Saving on UPC:
No UPC Required After Registration: After brand registration, there's no need to upload UPC when adding products to listings. This is an additional benefit of brand registration.

3.Greater Control Over Products:
Increased Control with Multiple Sellers: When a listing is sold by many people and the buy box is low, others have the right to edit the product. They can modify links and product information, such as adding sub-links, changing images, and altering logos.

4.Applying for Product Locking to Prevent Data Changes:
Requesting Locking in Case of Brand Infringement: If, after brand registration, a product is still being sold, sellers can directly contact Amazon. They can argue that, as the store seller has a unique brand, no one should be able to make changes. Amazon can be requested to lock the permission to change links, allowing only the seller to use them.