How to View the GCID Code Assigned by Amazon for Sellers?

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The GCID (Global Catalog Identifier) code automatically assigned to each product will not be displayed on the product detail page or the "Manage Inventory" page. To view the GCID code assigned to a product, sellers can download the "Inventory Report" from the backend and view the GCID code from there.

For Amazon sellers:

(1) From the "Inventory" dropdown menu, select "Inventory Reports".

(2) From the "Select Report Type" dropdown menu, choose "Active Listings Report".

(3) After generating the report, open the file using a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.

(4) In the report, locate column W (Product ID). If Amazon has assigned a GCID code to the seller's product, the seller will see a 16-character GCID code composed of numbers and letters (without spaces or hyphens). It should be noted that for products listed before brand registration, the GCID code will not be automatically updated after registration and will require manual batch updating.

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