Why does the Amazon shopping cart disappear?

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what is the reason result in shopping cart disappear

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The reasons for the loss of the Amazon shopping cart:

1.Newly Listed Products:
Usually, for newly listed products, the listing has not accumulated the corresponding weight coefficient in the Amazon system. Therefore, it's likely that there is no shopping cart, especially for products with self-fulfillment.

2.Competing for the Buy Box:
When products are being sold, there is competition for the shopping cart. Amazon determines the allocation of the shopping cart based on factors such as seller account sales, performance, shipping methods, timeliness, and pricing. If a seller's account has better overall capabilities, the chance of obtaining the shopping cart is higher, and the allocated shopping cart has a relatively longer time period.

3.Long Periods of Low or Decreasing Sales:
If a store's products have a consistently low conversion rate and poor sales, the platform may perceive a low match between your products and buyer needs, leading to a higher chance of losing the shopping cart. Conversely, if the platform sees high demand for your products with good conversion rates and sales, the chances of winning the shopping cart increase, bringing in more traffic and orders.

4.Low Conversion Rates for Listings:
If a listing has a low conversion rate, it indicates a low match between the listing and consumer demand. The system may then adjust its ranking, potentially resulting in the loss of the shopping cart.

5.Receiving Too Many Negative Reviews:
Negative reviews can impact a store's ranking and weight. Receiving too many negative reviews may significantly lower the weight of a listing, leading to the loss of the shopping cart.

6.Significant Price Increases or Lack of Competitive Pricing:
Pricing is a crucial factor considered by the Amazon platform when determining shopping carts. If a product undergoes a significant price increase, it can easily result in the loss of the shopping cart. Amazon aims to avoid extreme price changes to prevent a negative buying experience for buyers. Additionally, if prices increase too much, other lower-priced sellers may snatch the shopping cart. Therefore, when adjusting prices, it's advisable to make multiple small adjustments to minimize the impact on the shopping cart.