The capture of new subcategories is not accurate. Now exposure lot, but few clicks, any optimization suggestions?

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It is the first product of the new store, the new product has been on the shelves for a week, the second day of the shelves out of a single, these days there is no single, pure white hat, due to a single, but the subcategory grab is not accurate. Now the situation of advertising is a lot of exposure, but few clicks, the click rate is about 0.03%, you have any optimization suggestions?

Product Information:
Four variants,2 colors, divided into single and multiple layers
Single-layer price 37.99, now discounted to 35.99+20% coupon (plus advertising is loss status)
Multilayer price 55.99, now reduced 53.99+20% coupon (plus advertising is loss status)
Manual ads open long tail words widely match

The budget says 15

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The information given is relatively incomplete, and I would like to make some suggestions:

  1. The problem of click rate, whether the bidding is too low, you look at the click rate of the home page and search the rest of the page, in order to see whether it is the bidding problem, or the reason for the main figure.

  2. As for whether to reduce the price, you did not give the market price situation, you first compare the market price and the situation of coupons. In my category, I usually reduce the price directly, and then hang a 5% coupon, and the direct difference between 5% and 20% will directly reduce the price, which will be more significant.