How to set up Amazon coupons?

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for the purpose of conduct promotional activities and clear inventory

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You can refer to the following steps:

1.Log in to Seller Central
After logging in to Seller Central backend, select "Advertising > Coupons > Create a new coupon."

2.Choose Products
Select which product(s) to create the coupon for. First, use the search box on the left side of the page to search for the product SKU or ASIN. Then, select "Add to Coupon." The selected product(s) will move to the right side of the screen. Once all intended products are selected, click "continue to next step."

3.Set Coupon Discount and Budget
First, choose the discount type: fixed amount discount or percentage discount. Then, enter the corresponding discount, such as $5 or 10%. Here, you can also set whether to allow users to redeem multiple coupons or only one coupon per user. Next, set the discount budget, which is the maximum amount you are willing to spend on this coupon. After completing this step, click "continue to next step."

4.Name the Coupon
This is what consumers will see. To make the coupon title effective, it is recommended that sellers indicate which products can be used with this coupon. Is it only for one product or for all products in a certain category? For example, "15% off a specific product" or "Save 15% on an 8-ounce product."

Additionally, if sellers want to offer coupons to specific groups, such as Amazon Prime members, students, or moms, they can target them accordingly.

5.Confirm and Submit for Amazon Review
Finally, enter the coupon's start date and end date. The coupon must be valid for at least 1 day and up to 90 days. After confirmation, click "continue to next step," review all information again, and submit for review. If approved by Amazon, the coupon will be activated and available for use starting from the specified start date.