How do I get an Amazon-issued bank statement?

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I need to submit a bank account statement in the verify bank account screen for bank account verification

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You can follow the steps below:

1.Log in to your Amazon account and click on the "My Account" option.

2.On the "My Account" page, locate the "Payment Methods" section and click on the "Manage Payment Methods" link.

3.In the "Manage Payment Methods" page, choose the bank card or credit card for which you want to view the statement and click on the "View Statement" button.

4.On the "View Statement" page, you can select different time ranges and statement types, such as "All Transactions," "Refunds," or "Fees." You can also download or print your statement.

If you wish to request a paper statement, click on the "Request Paper Statement" link. Fill in your mailing address and contact information, then submit your request. You will receive your paper statement within a few days.