What is the Amazon FTC Energy Efficiency Label?

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Amazon FTC refers to the Federal Trade Commission, which requires Amazon sellers who sell home appliances and some electronics to provide information labels. The purpose of the label is to provide users with information about the energy efficiency performance of electronic products and help them make more informed shopping decisions.

FTC Energy efficiency labels typically include the following information:

Energy Consumption Rating: The FTC Energy Efficiency label uses A letter rating system, from "A" to "G", to indicate the energy efficiency performance of a product. A" stands for maximum efficiency and "G" for minimum efficiency. Users can compare the energy efficiency performance of different products according to this level.

Annual Energy Consumption Estimate: The label also displays the product's annual energy consumption estimate to measure the product's energy consumption over a year. This helps customers understand the energy costs they may have to pay when buying and using the product.

Product Model and manufacturer information: The label also includes product model and manufacturer information so that customers can easily identify the product and find more information about it.