When the overall traffic of the category declines, what should be adjusted for advertising?

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As the category traffic decline, affect sales, how should remedy?

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When a certain category traffic decline, if caused by non-seasonal factors, when this happens, it is recommended to adjust the advertising, avoid too much ineffective spending, but also not miss the effective traffic. The proposal can be adjusted from the point of "budget reallocation".

  1. Review the performance of current advertising campaigns and allocate part of the advertising campaign budget with fewer orders and higher ACOS to better transformed advertising campaigns.

  2. For advertising activities with low ACOS that can be used up and converted well, the budget can be appropriately increased to ensure that these advertising activities can continue to bring transformation.

  3. Timely return of advertising costs, there will be no conversion of clicks, and high ACOS advertising activities will be adjusted according to the actual situation.