My Amazon account face suspension and closure, how to deal with?

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Due to the cancel of my company, the relative Amazon account may face suspension and closure, in this situation, how can I continue to operate the Amazon store?

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In most cases, the registration of an Amazon seller account requires the legitimate information of a company. If the company is deregistered, this information cannot be used legally and effectively, which may affect the normal use of the Amazon account.

Furthermore, Amazon requires sellers to maintain accurate and up-to-date account information. It has the right to suspend or close accounts that do not comply with its policies at any time. If a company has been deregistered and attempts to operate an Amazon account using the company's information without updating the account information or providing relevant documents proving store ownership or authorization to continue using the account, it may be considered a violation of Amazon's policies, potentially leading to the closure or suspension of the account.

Company Deregistration: How to Continue Operating an Amazon Store?

1.Transfer Legal Entity to a New Company
Seller accounts can be re-registered and operated under the name of a new company. To ensure compliance and avoid any interruptions or restrictions on your seller account, it is recommended to directly contact Amazon Seller Support. They can guide you through the specific steps and documentation required to update account information or transfer ownership to a new legal entity if necessary.

2.No New Company: Transition to Operating as an Individual Account
The operation of an Amazon account does not necessarily depend on the existence of a company. For example, individuals can also register as Amazon sellers. However, this requires meeting Amazon's requirements for individual sellers and using legitimate and valid personal information. Therefore, if there is no new company and you wish to continue operating on Amazon after company deregistration, it may be necessary to transition to an individual seller.

In summary, the deregistration of a company may have an impact on an Amazon account, especially if the company's information was used for registration and operation. To continue operating after company deregistration, new strategies may be needed, such as operating under the name of a new company or transitioning to an individual seller.