What should I do if my goods are lost?

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How to minimize the damage?

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It needs to be clear that when goods are lost in Amazon operations, you need to keep calm and take the right handling methods to minimize the loss. Here are the details.

1.Contact Amazon Customer Support and provide the necessary information:
The seller needs to contact the Amazon Customer Support team immediately and report the loss to them as soon as it is discovered. Provide as much detailed information as possible, including order number, logistics tracking number, description of goods and specific details of loss. This information will help Amazon in its investigation and processing.

2.Tracking logistics information:
Tracking the logistics information of goods through the Amazon platform or the website of the adopted logistics service provider. Check the latest logistics updates to determine if there are anomalies or if the goods are sent elsewhere by mistake.

3.Follow up with the logistics company:
If the goods are lost at the logistics company stage, you can directly contact the logistics company to verify the logistics information and apply for claims. The logistics company will ask for the necessary documentation or confirmation to support the claim.