why units number suddenly dropped and ACOS also rose?

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Automatic advertising has been open for a month, the order is relatively stable. But last week, the number of units suddenly dropped and ACOS also rose. What are the reasons?

Is there anyone who can answer it?

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When the advertising performance suddenly fluctuates, it is recommended that the cause can be found from the "outside" first.

"Outside" refers to the overall situation of the industry, such as whether the overall traffic of the category has declined, whether there is a price reduction of the main competing products, and whether the overall customer price of the category has decreased. If the overall traffic of the category decreases, then the increase of CPC will also lead to the increase of ACOS. If the unit price of the class customer decreases, the product still maintains the original price, and the single performance will be affected to a certain extent. If the automatic advertisement has been running for a month, it is recommended that you open the manual advertisement, put some long-tail keywords at a lower CPC, and use the product to accurately target, which can help you get some accurate traffic improvement transformation and assist in reducing ACOS.