How do Amazon stores prevent products from being out of stock?

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As we all know, out of stock has a great impact on store operation. In the short term, out of stock can not meet customers' demand for products, resulting in a decrease in short-term sales revenue; In the long run, frequent stock shortages can damage a brand's reputation and make customers doubt a store's supply capacity and reliability. So how to prevent stock running out?

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The product out of stock has a great impact on the seller's store operation. Cross-border sellers who frequently use sea transport for their goods should be even more prepared, as sea transport itself takes a long time. Once out of stock, order volume and product ranking will drop significantly. So how do you prevent products from being out of stock as much as possible?

1.Make sales estimates and set alert inventory

With the sales volume of store products in the same period last year as a reference, the sales volume of this year is estimated in advance. For example, a product sold 100 pieces last year, so now should stock more than 130 pieces, it is possible to avoid the phenomenon of out of stock. Generally speaking, store sales must be predicted in advance, and the actual inventory should be higher than the forecast sales;

2.Set an alert stock

Set an appropriate alert stock level, and once the stock is close to or below this level, the seller should replenish the stock in time to avoid stock depletion;

3.Select multiple suppliers

The shortage of supply side is an important reason for the seller's product out of stock, if there is only one supplier, once the supplier's delivery is not timely, it will cause the seller's product out of stock, so we should choose as many suppliers as possible to ensure the stability of the supply chain. In addition, we should maintain good communication with suppliers and keep abreast of production and delivery progress. When there is a problem with a specific supplier and the supply is insufficient, it will not affect the normal sales of our products;

4.Diversified logistics options

In general, different product distribution channels can help sellers get rid of the crisis caused by stock shortages when necessary. For example, when a batch of goods in the sea there are some mistakes, late than expected, then the seller can use other logistics methods, such as the choice of air replenishment.