What are some Amazon selling tips for new sellers?

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How to deeply understand the Amazon sales mechanism

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For new sellers it’s usually difficult to understand the mechanism of E-Commerce platforms. Here are few suggestions to have a kick start for your business online.

1.Read all the norms and policies of your target place - This is essentially very important as marketplace online is very different from that of offline. Offline you connect with your customers directly, online you have a whole marketplace in between.
2.Know what to sell- It is very important to know whether the product you are planning to sell will get sold or not. Demands online are much more different than offline. Usually bestsellers check the popularity analysis on their products at Salesla
3.Photography and Modelling- This might not seem that essential but indeed it matters a lot. Best sellers always have their hands on DSLRs.
4.Price Listing- Competition is huge online, one must always play smart while listing their products. Price modifications are done very frequently by various sellers around. Its extremely important to know the history of prices for a better future of your product. You can monitor this on Salesla Apparently along with accurate results it saves a lot of research time!
5.Keyword Analysis- Since there are thousands of products competing along with your product make sure the crawlers reach your products easily. Use Salesla for intelligent listing.
6.Processing orders - Once you receive the orders stay very careful about all the information, what to dispatch, when to dispatch. You may use FBA or Dropshipping according to the profit margins you expect.
7.Payment-Keep a check on your payment dates and amount you receive.
8.Customer Reviews - Try to satisfy your customers by your service and products so that you get better reviews. This will fetch you more orders and will lower your return rate.