How to deal with products out of stock?

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Amazon peak season is coming, want to know about prevention in advance

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Here's guide on how to handle the situation:

1.Inventory Monitoring and Alerts
Set up inventory management tools or alerts within "Amazon Seller Central" to track your stock levels regularly, and anticipate when items might go out of stock.

2.Update Product Listings
When a product goes out of stock, update your Amazon product listings promptly. Use the "Manage Inventory" section in "Seller Central" to change the product's status to "Out of Stock" to prevent customers from placing orders for the unavailable item.

3.Provide Estimated Restock Dates
If possible, add an estimated restock date on the product listing. This can help manage customer expectations and reduce inquiries about the product's availability.

4.Utilize Amazon's Pre-Order Feature
For anticipated restocks, consider using Amazon's pre-order feature if applicable, allows customers to place orders for items that will be restocked in the future, helping maintain sales momentum.