How to operate Amazon's commingled inventory?

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The FBA products I sent were all put in one warehouse

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Commingled inventory refers to FBA products being consolidated in the same Amazon FBA warehouse. In contrast, split inventory refers to Amazon distributing your shipment or products of the same SKU to 1 to 3 different FBA warehouses. In the actual operation of Amazon, sellers often discover that Amazon defaults to splitting inventory. For instance, when sellers create an FBA shipping plan in the backend, in the final steps, they may notice that Amazon divides the shipment or products of the same SKU into 1 to 3 FBA warehouses.

Amazon allows sellers to configure commingled inventory settings in the backend. The pathway for commingled inventory settings is as follows:

Account Setting > Fulfillment by Amazon > Inbound Setting > Inventory Placement Option > Inventory Placement Service

With commingled inventory enabled, sellers can freely adjust and merge their shipments. This commingled inventory feature takes effect immediately, whether it is enabled or disabled, making it very convenient. This commingling method is charged based on the size and weight of the items, and the fees vary across different marketplaces. For detailed information, sellers can inquire through the Amazon Seller Central.