Is optimization of Amazon links really that important?

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Not to say that optimization is not useful, but I do not think it is essential to go to such great lengths and waste so much energy to compare and analyze the flow.

In the Amazon operation, with a score of 5 out of 5, I think that the personal operation ability accounts for 3 points, the product occupies 4 points, and the strength of the company's resources occupies 3 points. Rationally discusses.

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Totally agree, seven points for selection, three points for operation. Simply put Listing optimization is only a very small part of Amazon operation, listing has a ceiling. The so-called build a better listing, certainly to product-based, operation can do, is to integrate the company can use the resources to rhythmic promotion. A product is good again, there is no matching promotion resources to promote, in fact, it is also difficult to cook without rice.