Amazon Children's Product Certification Content Include What?

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and also want to know the material required

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CPC Certification Requirements:
The CPC certificate must be based on testing results from a CPSC-approved third-party testing laboratory.
The CPC certificate is issued by the seller, and third-party laboratories can assist in drafting the CPC certificate.
Children's products must comply with all relevant safety rules and provisions.
In summary, all Amazon toys require CPC certification. CPC certification serves as a safety certificate for products intended for children aged 12 and under.

CPC Certificate Contents:
Product identification information covered by this certificate.
Each CPSC children's product safety regulation referenced by the certified product.
Information about the US importer or manufacturer company requiring certification.
Contact information for the person maintaining testing data.
Production date and address of the product.
Date and address of compliance testing for consumer product safety regulations.
CPSC-approved third-party laboratory conducting the required compliance testing for certification.