What does Amazon ODR mean?

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Is there any limitation on the ODR of sellers on Amazon?

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The Order Defect Rate (ODR) is calculated as a percentage of all orders involving 1-2 star reviews and Claim disputes (including A-Z and Chargeback) over a period of time divided by the total number of orders during that period.

This is a quite important indicator to reflect whether the seller can provide a good buyer shopping experience, this indicator should not exceed 1%, if more than 1% is very bad for the security of the account, Amazon will even audit your store or remove your sales authority.

Amazon says all sellers should have an ODR of less than 1%. In other words, in the assessment period stipulated by Amazon, only 1 defective order can occur in 100 orders. This is still a bit demanding, but fortunately, if the buyer deletes the negative review, Amazon will also recalculate the ODR. At this time, the seller's after-sales service is very important.