How to labelling for my product?

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I don't really understand. I'd like to ask for specific steps guidance

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You can refer to following steps:

1.Use Scannable Barcodes: Ensure each product has a scannable barcode. Amazon uses barcodes to track and manage inventory. Products without proper barcodes may experience delays or issues.

2.UPC, EAN, or ISBN: Products should have a Universal Product Code (UPC), European Article Number (EAN), or International Standard Book Number (ISBN), depending on the product category. If your products don't have these codes, you can apply for an exemption or use Amazon's FNSKU (Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit).

3.Apply Labels Correctly: If you're applying your own labels, make sure they are placed on a flat, clean, and unobstructed surface of the product's packaging. Labels should be attached securely so they won't peel off during handling.

4.Label Requirements: Ensure that your labels meet Amazon's labeling requirements, including size, print quality, and placement. Amazon provides label templates for easy printing.