How to Write Amazon Review Request Emails?

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As the title says

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1.Subtle Subject Lines:
Avoid direct subject lines like "Feedback Request." Opt for more intriguing and mysterious subjects such as "Additional Information Required" or "Order Information." This helps pique the buyer's curiosity, increasing the desire to open the email.

2.Avoid Misconceptions:
Do not fall into the misconception that positive feedback is solely achievable through offers or incentives. For international buyers, the extent of discounts is not the primary consideration. Avoid coercing buyers through discounts, gift cards, or coupons. The email content should relate to the product, guide users in using it effectively, and provide excellent after-sales service.

3.Stay Clear of Pitfalls:
Avoid overly promotional email content as Amazon prohibits sellers from engaging in excessive marketing through emails. Never violate regulations, as this could result in warnings or even the closure of your store.

4.Timing is Key:
Timing the sending of review request emails is crucial. Choose one of three critical moments: after the buyer places an order, after the seller ships the product, or after the buyer receives the product, to maximize the chance of eliciting reviews.