How do I draft my brand name?

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Any good ideas to fit my product

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About drafting brand names, you can refer:

▪️Original Creation: Reconstruct existing words or phrases, or utilize non-native language words to create a brand name that sounds pleasant and carries deeper meaning.
▪️Benefit-Oriented: Focus on the benefits or outcomes your brand offers to consumers and incorporate them into the brand name directly.
▪️Direct Description: Provide an intuitive description of the brand or product's selling points, enhancing attractiveness by adding adjectives or optimizing the copy creatively.
▪️Abstract Appeal: Brand names that are unrelated to the product or convey no specific brand inspiration or value, relying solely on an interesting word or phrase to capture attention.
▪️Abbreviation: Create a new word by extracting the initials of each word in a sentence describing the product or brand's functionality, uniqueness, or selling points.
▪️Founder's Name: Directly use the founder's name as the brand name, commonly seen in brands with a long history.