What does "sponsored" mean on Amazon? How to distinguish between Amazon sponsored ads and organic listings?

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Often see this form of advertising, but do not know what it is

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1.What does "Amazon Sponsored" mean?

Amazon Sponsored, also known as Amazon advertising, is a paid promotional service provided by Amazon for sellers. Through Sponsored ads, sellers can showcase their products in key positions such as Amazon search results pages and product detail pages, thereby attracting the attention of potential buyers.

This advertising format is based on keyword searches. When buyers search for relevant keywords on Amazon, sponsored products matching these keywords will appear in the search results. Through different matching methods such as exact match and broad match, sellers can precisely control the display range of ads and improve the conversion rate of ads.

The advantage of Amazon Sponsored ads is that they can help sellers quickly increase product exposure and visibility, and increase the click-through rate and purchase intention of potential buyers. Amazon also provides rich advertising management tools, allowing sellers to monitor ad performance in real-time, adjust advertising strategies, and achieve the best promotional results.

2.How to distinguish between Amazon sponsored ads and organic listings?

On Amazon, sponsored ads and organic listings are two different product display positions. Sponsored ads are product display positions obtained by sellers through paid promotion, usually appearing prominently on search results pages and product detail pages. Organic listings, on the other hand, are product display positions ranked based on Amazon's algorithm, sorted according to factors such as product sales, reviews, and relevance.

To distinguish between sponsored ads and organic listings, we can start from the following aspects:

▪️Position: Sponsored ads typically appear in the top few rows or sidebar of search results pages, while organic listings are displayed sequentially on search results pages based on algorithmic rankings.

▪️Labeling: Amazon labels sponsored products with "Ad" or "Sponsored" below the product title to help buyers differentiate. Organic listings do not have such labels.

▪️Ranking Changes: Since the ranking of sponsored ads is obtained through paid promotion, their ranking may change with changes in ad spending. In contrast, the ranking of organic listings is relatively stable and mainly influenced by factors such as product sales and reviews.

By carefully observing and comparing the characteristics and differences between sponsored ads and organic listings, we can better understand Amazon's product display mechanism and provide more targeted strategies for product promotion.