Why my Amazon shopping Cart missing?

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I am a seller of Amazon FBM spontaneous goods.

Recently, I found that my shopping cart in the Amazon store disappeared for no reason.

I would like to ask why the cart missing? what is the reason?

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According to the official information released by Amazon and the feedback of relevant sellers, we have summarized the following 6 reasons for the loss of Amazon shopping carts:

1.new listing
Generally speaking, the new Listing has not accumulated the corresponding weight coefficient on the Amazon system, so it is very likely that there is no shopping cart, especially for spontaneous goods.

2.Being sold
When products are sold, competing shopping carts occur. Amazon will judge the seller's account based on a combination of factors such as sales, performance, timeliness of delivery methods, and price, and allocate shopping carts. If the comprehensive ability of the seller's account is better, the chance of getting the shopping cart will be higher, and the shopping cart will be allocated for a relatively long period of time;

3.No sales for a long time or a significant decline in sales
Assume that the long-term conversion rate of store products is poor, sales are poor, the platform believes that your products and buyers are not high match, buyers do not need these products. In this case, it is easy to lose the shopping cart. On the contrary, if the platform believes that the buyer demand for your product is high, the conversion rate and sales volume are good, the shopping cart will win more, the traffic will be more, and the order will be more;

4.Listing's conversion rate is too low
If the conversion rate of a Listing is too low, to a large extent, it means that the Listing does not match the needs of consumers, and the system will also target its demotion rights, and the loss of shopping cart is just the result of demotion rights.

5.Too many bad reviews
Negative reviews will affect the ranking and weight of the store. Too many negative reviews will greatly reduce the weight of Listing, which may directly lead to the loss of shopping cart.

6.The price of the product has increased significantly, and the price of the product has no advantage
Price is a very important factor when considering shopping carts on the Amazon platform. If the price rises too much at a time, it is easy to lose the shopping cart. On the one hand, Amazon avoids a bad buying experience for platform buyers caused by a sharp rise or fall in prices, and on the other hand, the price rises too much, and the shopping cart is easily snatched by other low-priced sellers. Therefore, when the seller adjusts the price, it is recommended to make several small adjustments to reduce the impact on the shopping cart.