Is there a size requirement for Amazon SKU label?

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And what are the other considerations for Amazon SKU?

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Amazon has clear requirements for SKU label size, which is to ensure that the label can be easily scanned and recognized, and can be correctly matched to the corresponding product.

In general, Amazon requires the SKU label size to be XXmm x XXmm (the specific size may vary slightly by market and category), and the FBA label size is different for different products. Amazon's official standard is: the size less than 75mm×75mm or equal to 75mm×75mm can be sold. The size less than 75mm×75mm is the size that can be sold officially given by Amazon. Sizes larger than 75mm×75mm are officially not allowed to be sold by Amazon. Therefore, the Amazon sku label size must be less than 75mm x 75mm. Under normal circumstances, the size of less than 75mm×75mm can be sold.

In addition, the background color of the label also needs to meet Amazon's requirements, usually a white background.