How to enhancing interaction between my store and customers?

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to increase user engagement, because the category of my product is very competitive

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According to seller's experience, you can refer:

1.Strengthen Email Interaction
Carefully crafted emails can boost review rates and gather user feedback. This includes friendly product follow-up emails, timely reminders of order status, and holiday greetings.
2.Actively Engage in Q&A
Sellers should promptly and comprehensively respond to customer inquiries. Detailed and patient answers can increase user trust in the product and facilitate quick purchasing decisions.
3.Provide Targeted Responses to Feedback
In response to user comments, sellers should offer targeted and personalized replies, conveying genuine attitudes to enhance user trust in the brand.
4.Offer Buyers the Best Solutions
Maintain a positive service attitude to ensure customer satisfaction and brand image.
5.Utilize Multiple Q&A Rounds to Strengthen Interaction with Buyers
Through Amazon's Q&A feature, sellers can actively ask questions to enhance communication with buyers and enrich the buyer community.