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Firstly, yes, Amazon stores can set up giveaway promotions, and the specific steps are as follows:

1.Before initiating a giveaway promotion, sellers should add their inventory to the giveaway plan on the settings page: "Settings" > "Amazon Fulfillment" > "Giveaway Settings" > "Enable."
2.From the "Advertising" dropdown menu, choose "Promotions."
3.Click on "Create a Giveaway."
4.Select your product and click on "Set Up Giveaway."
5.Choose the "Set Up Giveaway Type."
6.Define the winning requirements.
7.After completing the setup, sellers will receive an email containing guidance on participant selection. Sellers can also opt to "Make my prize public," allowing their prize to be featured in Amazon buyer-facing programs such as "Today's Giveaway."